Short Term Car Insurance


Short Term Car Insurance

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Welcome to the Short Term Car Insurance page of our website. We are  a major car insurance broker based in the North east of England. We can offer special and unique rates for short term car insurance insurance throughout the UK.
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Short Term Car Insurance – Compare

Compare Short Term Car Insurance quotes from most of the top UK Insurers. You can take out a Car Insurance policy with us that is tailored to suit your needs. Get instant Car Insurance quotes from us. You can buy your policy online. Click the Get a Quote button now and compare short term car insurance quotes. It takes under 5 minutes to get the cost of your short term car insurance. Cover can start now and you have instant access to all your documents. Our panel of insurers have been chosen not just on price but on the cover and service they can give you. We offer short term car insurance for most vehicles with a value of £800 to £40,000.

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Short Term Car Insurance – From 1 to 28 Days

For each and every one of our policies we are able to offer our short term car insurance to you from 1 – 28 days. So long as you have held a UK Driving Licence for 6 months or more, held an EU Licence for 12 months then we can help you with short term car insurance car insurance. You can choose the policy to suit you.

Short Term Car Insurance – Variety of Ages

We can offer temporary car insurance if you are between 17 and 75 years of age. If you have teenagers in the family learning to drive, you could give them up to 90 days of extra practice in your own car without the risk to your no claims bonus with our learner driver insurance. You can choose the policy to suit you.

Short Term Car Insurance – Why?

  • Do you need someone else to drive your car?

  • Do you need to borrow someone else’s car?

  • Do you need to test drive a car?

The above are just a few reason why short term car insurance offers a great solution. You are covered for even the shortest journey whilst also protecting any existing no claims bonus.
If you are looking to share the driving on a long road trip, or lend your car to a friend or relative , then temporary car insurance can help to ensure that the other driver is covered without having to amend your annual policy. Short term car insurance from My Best Insurance Quote also ensures that rather than simple third party cover the additional driver is insured on a fully comprehensive basis.It gives you both peace of mind should the worst happen.
So whether you need to ask someone else to use your car to make a delivery, borrow a friend or relative’s vehicle whilst your own is being repaired, or even take a test drive in that new model you’ve had your eye on, short term car insurance offers a great solution.

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