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Surfboard Insurance

Looking for Surfboard Insurance? At My Best Insurance Quote you can compare cover and prices and buy your Surfboard Insurance online.
Welcome to the Surfboard Insurance page of our website. We are  a major boat insurance broker based in the North east of England. We can offer special and often unique rates for boat insurance throughout the UK.
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Get a Surfboard Insurance quote in about two minutes. You are able to compare both price and cover from leading UK Boat Insurers with our quick and easy three step quote system.
There is an option for you to either buy your insurance straight away or store the quote. Then when you need the cover you can retrieve the quote and buy at that time.
It is so easy to do and you also have immediate access to your documents as they are electronically delivered to you.

Compare Surfboard Insurance Cover

Surfboard Insurance provides the full cover you need for protecting your surfboard. With your information we can tailor a Surfboard Insurance policy best suited to your needs. Insurance is also available for a range of vessels including:yachts, narrowboats, dinghys, motorboats, speedboats, sports cruisers, kayaks, canoes and many others.
Surfboard Insurance includes Third Party protection for up to £3 million therefore your Surfboard Insurance covers you against claims made against you. The Surfboard Insurance policy will provide you with cover should you injure another water user or cause damage to another vessel or property for which you may be held liable.
Option to extend your insurance to cover loss or damage to boat also known as Comprehensive Boat Insurance. We also include personal injury and medical expenses cover for up to £500 per incident.

Surfboard Insurance Cover – Easy Payment

We offer an option to spread the cost of your insurance when you buy it online depending on the size of the premium. You can pay the premium by either Direct Debit or by arranging payments with us if Direct Debit not offered, helping you to manage the cost.

Compare Surfboard Insurance – Get a Quote

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Should you be happy with the price, you have an option to buy your Surfboard Insurance online. If you would like a more personal service, you can call our friendly staff in our Boat Insurance department. Easy payment by Direct Debit can be arranged with either method you choose.