Tutors Insurance

tutors insurance

For home schooling teachers and tutors

Looking for Tutors Insurance? At My Best Insurance Quote you can compare prices and buy your Tutors Insurance online.

  • Public Liability Tutors Insurance…

    Cover against injury or damage to property

  • Employers Liability Tutors  Insurance…

    Tutors Insurance For tutors that employ staff

  • All Risks Cover Tutors Insurance…

    Tutors Insurance provides the option to insure business equipment including musical instruments

  • Legal Expenses Tutors Insurance…

    Defend your legal rights in situations such as tax enquiries employee disputes and tribunals

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Option to protect you against costly compensation claims if you have made a mistake or have been found to be negligent


Why choose… My Best Insurance Quote for your Teacher and Tutor Insurance?

If you are a teacher or tutor we provide you with a Public liability Insurance policy, My Best Insurance Quote make sure that you are protected against any claims that may happen. We can also provide a Professional Indemnity policy to protect you against any claims should you make a mistake or be found negligent. Our quotation form is simple to understand and allows you to tailor your Insurance to best suit your needs.


[[ Top Slider Content: ]] [ Product Description: ] Being a tutor can be very time consuming. At My Best Insurance Quote, we are here to take away the hassle of shopping around for your Tutors Insurance. Our online quote system allows you to get a quote in a matter of minutes.

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