Office Cleaners Insurance

Office Cleaners Insurance

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Looking for Office Cleaners Insurance? At My Best Insurance Quote you can compare prices and buy your Office Cleaners Insurance online.

  • Combined Office Cleaners Insurance….

    Best rates for Combined Office Cleaners Insurance. The policy gives dual cover for both Employers and Public Liability Insurance. We aim to offer the widest cover available. This includes damage to property being worked upon and treatment risk cover. It also gives cover for loss of customers keys, misuse of customers telephones, failure to secure customers premises, and financial loss. The  Insurance is tailor made for you. Ideal if you carry out Office Cleaning. Most policies do not give this cover.

  • Tools Equipment and Hired in Plant Insurance…

    Tools of the Trade and Equipment Insurance including for Hired in Plant. For as little as £9.73 per month you can have Tools and Equipment cover. This will give you cover up to £6000. We can also cover higher amounts.We offer this as an add on to a combined Office Cleaners Insurance policy.

  • Quote and Buy Office Cleaners Insurance Online…

    You can Quote and Buy your Office Cleaners Insurance online. We also offer Interest Free Credit payments on our Combined Office cleaners Insurance. We can also provide instalment payments on our Public Liability Policy. This can also be arranged either with your Insurer or with ourselves.

  • Public Liability Office Cleaners Insurance for £46…

    Public Liability insurance for injury or loss of or damage to property. It is an Insurance for which you may be held liable for in the course of your business. The above policy provides the basic Public liability Insurance cover only. We offer it at a competitive price normally £53. It does not include the extra benefits included by the Combined Office Cleaners Insurance.

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  • Employers Liability Office Cleaners Insurance….

    A legal requirement for cleaning companies that employ staff. It can only be included  as an add on to your Public Liability Insurance. We do not offer it as a stand alone policy.Please note that even if you are a Cleaning Agency you should take out this form of cover. Also if you use labour only sub contractors.

  • Quotes for the following Cleaning Occupations…

    We can offer quotes for most cleaning trades. We have special rates if you engage in Office Cleaning. The Combined Office Cleaners Insurance covers nearly all cleaning trades. If you do more than one it is ideally suited for you. The policy also covers house, shop, carpet and window cleaning. If you do it we can probably cover it. Try us Now!


Office Cleaners Insurance

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For Sole Traders and Companies who require a comprehensive Public Liability and Employers Liability policy at competitive rates which provides the widest range of cover and benefits.


For Sole Traders and Companies who require Public Liability Insurance only.


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Office Cleaners Insurance? Public Liability Insurance?  Employers Liability Insurance?  Tools and Equipment Insurance?  There are so many options to choose from, and that’s why we at My Best Insurance Quote are here to help. Our quotation form is simple to understand, and it allows you to tailor your Office Cleaners Insurance to best suit your needs.