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One Off Event Insurance

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Welcome to the One Off Event Insurance page of our website. We are  a major event insurance broker based in the North east of England. We can give you special and often unique rates throughout the UK for event insurance.
There are so many factors to consider with any occasion or event. So given the importance of each and every event you want it to be spot on and go off without any hitch. That is when you need an insurance provider you can count and relyon. A quality product and professional expertise. We are here for just that reason.
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One Off Event Insurance

A comprehensive event insurance policy for one day or one off event organisers. Whether a fete or a festival, the one off event policy will provide you with all the cover you need, from as little as £56.00. If you are organising a one day event, a one off event insurance policy will provide the organiser should you be an individual, company or association with protection from claims of negligence in the event of damage to or injury to third parties at the event.

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One Off Event Insurance – How much does it cost?

Please see below an indication of prices for Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Event Equipment Insurance and Event Cancellation Insurance.

One Off Event Insurance – Public Liability Insurance

The total number of visitors are calculated on the maximum number of people attending throughout the duration of the event (300 visitors a day over 3 days, equals 900 visitors in total).
Cover is in respect of 4 consecutive days.

Public Liability Insurance
Amount of Cover £1m £2m £5m
Up to 100 per event £56 £81 £112
Up to 250 per event £76 £112 £152
Up to 500 per event £101 £152 £202
Up to 1000 per event £152 £202 £253
Up to 2500 per event £253 £303 £254
Up to 5000 per event £354 £404 £455
Up to 10000 per event £505 £556 £606

One Off Event Insurance – Employers Liability Insurance

You must select Public Liability cover before selecting Employer’s Liability. Please Note: Public Liability does not cover volunteers and helpers.

Employers Liability Insurance
Up to 20 volunteers/helpers/employees £101

One Off Event Insurance – Event equipment Insurance

Event equipment provides cover for any loss of, or damage to equipment that you are responsible for whilst at the event.

Amount of Cover £2500 £5000 £7500 £10000 £15000 £20000
Price £32 £63 £94 £125 £188 £250

One Off Event Insurance – Cancellation Insurance including abandonment and postponement

Cancellation provides cover for your irrecoverable costs incurred as a result of the unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement of the event for reasons beyond your control excluding extreme adverse weather conditions.

Amount of Cover £2500 £5000 £7500 £10000 £15000 £20000
Price £38 £75 £113 £150 £210 £250

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