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Catering Kiosk Insurance Insurance

Looking for Catering Kiosk Insurance? At My Best Insurance Quote we have a specialist Catering Kiosk Insurance. We can offer low and often unique rates for kiosk insurance throughout the UK.

* PLEASE NOTE * We can only cover Public/Products Liability, Employers Liability and portable business equipment – we are unable to cover the kiosk construction itself.

Catering Kiosk Insurance – Specialist Policy

Our Catering Kiosk Insurance is an exclusive insurance scheme designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of kiosk owners and operators. Kiosk insurance meets the public liability insurance requirements that you need and provides you with the coverage you require to fully insure your kiosk business.

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Is your Catering Kiosk Insurance suitable for me ?

We define a Kiosk as a free standing booth, counter or moveable wagon located in an enclosed shopping mall, office building concourse or underground shopping centre/train station concourse. There cannot be any alcohol sales, use of a grill, deep fat frying, body piercing, tattooing or any type of professional liability exposure.

Why choose My Best Insurance Quote for your Kiosk Insurance?

Running a Catering Kiosk or a mobile wagon cart can be a time consuming process. Here at My Best Insurance Quote, we’re here to take the worry out of arranging your shop and retail shop insurance, hopefully leaving you more time to concentrate on your business. You have two options when arranging your insurance – the first is to quote and buy online. The second is to speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will be more than happy to help you. Often it is cheaper and quick to talk.

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Unlike internet businesses or offices, running a kiosk or retail business means you have greater contact with the general public. To make sure you’re fully protected against any claims that may happen, we provide you with full catering kiosk insurance for your peace of mind.  Our policies are backed by the UK’s leading insurance companies, you know that you’re in safe hands!  Direct Debit payments are also available to help you to spread the cost. As with all insurance, you should ensure that you’re getting ‘like for like’ cover if you’re shopping around. Please answer all of the quotation questions as accurately as possible, and then see how much My Best Insurance Quote could save you on your catering kiosk insurance quotes!