VW e-up Car Insurance

vw e-up car insurance Uk

Looking for Best Rates for VW e-up Car insurance? Exclusive scheme that includes free cover for a 14 day temporary additional car.

VW e-up Car Insurance

Looking for Best Rates for VW e-up Car Insurance? Exclusive scheme that includes free cover for a 14 day temporary additional car.
Welcome to the VW e-up Car Insurance page of our website. We are  a major car insurance broker based in the North East of England. We can offer special and unique rates for electric vehicle insurance throughout the UK.
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VW e-up Car Insurance – Exclusive Scheme with Special Cover

My Best Insurance Quote have negotiated an exclusive electric car insurance scheme with on of the top UK Insurers. We believe that the rates and cover we offer are the most competitive available in the UK. The annual price includes cover for a temporary additional vehicle. Please see below.

VW e-up Car Insurance – 14 Day Temporary Additional Vehicle Cover Free

As electric car drivers ourselves we know that there is the odd occasion when an electric car does not suit your needs. So for that reason your VW e-up car insurance policy gives free cover for 14 days per year should you wish to hire a car or borrow a friends car. The only stipulations are that there are a maximum of 3 add ons within the 14 day period, the temporary car must not be a higher group rating than your own and it does not exceed £20,000 in value.

VW e-up Car Insurance – List of Electric Cars Included in Scheme

The following is a list of all electric cars including the VW e-up which qualify for our exclusive rates and cover.

  • Nissan Leaf

  • Renault Twizy

  • Mia Electric

  • VW e-up

  • Peugeot iOn

  • BMW i3

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV

  • Citroen C Zero

  • Smart ed Coupe and Cabriolet

  • VW e-Golf

  • Renault Zoe

  • Ford Focus Electric

  • Renault kangoo Maxi Z.E

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At My Best Insurance Quote we offer VW e-up Car Insurance quotations which can beat price comparison sites. You can speak to one of our friendly advisor’s who are here to help. We are not a call centre so we can give you a personal service coupled with competitive rates and you can usually speak to the same person twice.