Nissan Leaf Car Insurance

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Looking for Best Rates for Nissan Leaf Car Insurance? Exclusive scheme that includes free cover for a 14 day temporary additional car.

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Nissan Leaf Car Insurance

Looking for Best Rates for Nissan Leaf Car Insurance? Exclusive scheme that includes free cover for a 14 day temporary additional car.

My Best Insurance Quote have negotiated an exclusive Nissan Leaf Car Insurance Scheme with one of the top UK Insurers. We believe that the rates and cover we offer are the best in the UK. The annual cost includes cover for a temporary car. Please see below.
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Nissan Leaf Car Insurance Group 23 – Not With Us!

Insurance groups range from 1-50 and the lower the group the lower the cost of insurance.  The higher the group the higher the cost. As a thumb rule  the Japanese manufactured Nissan Visia tends to be rated as car insurance group 21. The newer Nissan Leaf models made in the UK are the Acenta and Tekna. The Nissan Leaf Accenta car insurance insurance group is 23. The Nissan Leaf Tekna is 25.
The Nissan Leaf electric car insurance we offer will cut you insurance group in half. The premium you will pay is calculated as if you have a Nissan Leaf car insurance group 12.

Nissan Leaf Car Insurance Rates – Not on Comparison sites!

Our Nissan Leaf Car Insurance rates are not on Price Comparison Websites. So you will need  to call us direct to get our great deals. Please ring 0191 519 4000.

Nissan Leaf Car Insurance – 14 Day Temporary Additional Vehicle Cover Free

As Nissan Leaf drivers ourselves we know there is the odd occasion when an electric car does not suit your needs. So for that reason your Nissan Leaf Car Insurance policy gives free cover for 14 days per year. Great if you wish to hire a car or borrow a friends car. The only stipulations are that there are a maximum  of 3 add ons in the 14 day period. The loan car must not be a higher group rating than your own and not exceed £20,000 in value.

Nissan Leaf – Did you know?

When a retail customer buys a new Nissan Leaf, a free of charge loan car will be provided.  For up to 14 days in each year. All you have to do is give Nissan seven 7 days notice and pay for the fuel and insurance.
So if you arrange your Nissan leaf Car Insurance policy through us then all you would pay for is your fuel!

Please Read - Nissan Leaf Free Use Of An Extra Car

(i) Available to new LEAF customers only. Not available to used or demo LEAF customers.
(ii) Available to Retail and Motability customers only.
(iii) During the first 3 years of ownership of a new Nissan LEAF, purchased from a participating Nissan dealership, customers may arrange to borrow a petrol or diesel car from that same participating Nissan dealership for up to 14 days per year.
(iv) Unless otherwise stated by the individual dealership, a total mileage limit of 2000 miles applies (i.e. 143 miles per day).
(v) Loan cars are subject to availability. Customers must give at least 7 days’ notice to the participating dealer before the pick-up date.
(iv) Each booking must be for a minimum of one day. Any booking which lasts for less than one day will count as one full day for the purposes of this scheme.
(vii) The loan car will be either petrol or diesel, and will be either manual, automatic or semi-auto at the dealer’s discretion. Participating dealers are not able to guarantee the model, specification, features, fuel type or transmission type of the loan car. The loan car will be no smaller than a Nissan Note (i.e. it will not be a Pixo or Micra) unless (a) the customer specifically requests a smaller car and (b) one is available.
(viii) Insurance to be paid for by the customer. Customer can choose one of the following options:
i. Purchase a daily-rate insurance from the dealer at £5 per day. For full details and terms and conditions please refer to your dealer (e.g. age restrictions)
ii. Switch their insurance from their LEAF to the loan car for the duration of the loan. Any costs incurred from the switching will be borne by the customers. Please ask your dealer to provide you with a quote.
(ix) Insurance purchased from the dealer is valid for the UK, NI and RoI only. Should the customer want to travel outside these regions in the loan car, they must select option ii. above.
(x) Customers must return the loan car to the dealership in the same condition as it was in when it was picked up by the customer. Customers may not make any modifications to the loan car, and dealerships will not make modifications to the loan car for individual customers.
(xi) Customers are responsible for fuelling the loan car (including replacing any fuel provided by the dealership).
(xii) Customers are responsible for any costs, charges, damages, fines, and losses incurred by them during the loan period (including, without limitation, parking charges and fines, congestion charges, speeding penalties, damage to third party property, etc).

Nissan Leaf Car Insurance – List of Electric Cars Included in Scheme

The following is a list of all electric cars including the Nissan Leaf which qualify for our exclusive rates and cover.

  • Nissan Leaf.

  • Renault Twizy.

  • Mia Electric.

  • VW e-Up.

  • Peugeot iOn.

  • BMW i3.

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

  • Citroen C Zero.

  • Smart ed Coupe and Cabriolet.

  • VW e-Golf.

  • Renault Zoe.

  • Ford Focus Electric.

  • Renault kangoo Maxi Z.E.

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